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About Privacy and Privacy Policy

This privacy and personal data policy is summarized in order to better inform you as a customer about what personal data Sommersted-CPH Aps processes and how we treat them - personal data should be understood as all personal data. Please read our privacy policy to end to get a clear understanding of what data we collect, how to collect them, and how we protect your information.


Sommersted-CPH Aps A / S respects any privacy requests that are submitted online or otherwise and are aware of the need for adequate protection and sound processing of all personal information we receive.


Unless the following personal data policy is acceptable, Sommersted-CPH Aps reserves the right to reject orders and other inquiries, as failure to accept may result in Sommersted-CPH Aps being unable to service the relationship or comply with other laws as otherwise required by applicable law.


Individual information

Personal data covers all data that can be used to identify a person, including but not limited to, first and last name, age, gender, position, home address, or other physical address, passport number, email address or other contact information, regardless of whether they relate to their private residence or workplace.


Likewise, personal data also contains data such as behavior, purchase history, financial information, etc., all of which are used to maintain customer and supplier relationship between customer and Sommersted CPH Aps.


You can access Sommersted CPH Aps without informing us about your personal data. When accessing a website, an ID is issued to your session. This can not identify you as a person.


Sommersted-CPH Aps needs a number of personal information in order to trade with you and / or your company, maintain customer relationship management, and market products and services. Certain information is also collected and processed according to legal requirements under other legislation, such as bookkeeping legislation.


The following information may be collected and processed when you shop at Sommersted-CPH Aps E-mail address, first and last name, address, telephone number, age, gender, technical details (IP addresses included), behavior (included: visited URL, event triggers, actions such as clicks, opening rates, log-in, time on each page, etc.), geographic data as well as data that may be required for completion of a trade.

Passport number must be disclosed only on specific request from Sommersted-CPH Aps and it will only happen if legislation requires it.

Cpr number must never be disclosed to Sommersted-CPH Aps.

Bank account information must be disclosed only upon specific request from Sommersted-CPH Aps and this will only be made in connection with refund of deposit a.o. from Sommersted-CPH Aps to customer.


Sommersted-CPH Aps collects and processes information about you when you:

  • Creates an account

  • Sends inquiries, complaints and / or interacts with Sommersted-CPH Aps otherwise

  • Sign up and / or interact with online marketing materials (including, without limitation, newsletters, text and notifications, advertisements on third-party websites, etc.)

  • Provides personal information in other ways to Sommersted-CPH Aps

  • Use your digital key

  • Receive and pay bills from Sommersted CPH Aps


Sommersted-CPH Aps collects only the personal information needed to provide a service or product, market services and products or process inquiries, and to comply with regulatory requirements.


Sommersted-CPH Aps collects and / or does not buy personally identifiable information from third parties.




Invoice payment, DIBS

Sommersted-CPH Aps uses DIBS to handle online card transactions and does not store information about payment cards. Please note that billing and billing information are kept in accordance with applicable laws in the area, including the Money Laundering and Posting Act.



Sommersted-CPH Aps have CCC systems inside and outside buildings. Recordings are stored for 30 days. CCC system can not make face recognition. Data from CCC will only be shared with 1 part – Police – and this only on specific request from Police.


Digital key system

Every time you use your personal key, information on key, lock and time is stored. Information is not shared with anybody. Information is not personalized, registration is related to key and not person.


Accounting system

Sommersted CPH Aps uses Economic Ltd. for handling invoices. All data are stored at Economics Ltd secure servers. Information are deleted after 5 years and are only used for specific accounting purposes.

Tax authorities are only 3. part, who can have access to data.


We can make use of the information collected in the following ways:

  • To personalize your experience on mail and website

  • To service you better when contacting customer service

  • To handle your inquiry as soon as possible

  • For follow-up of inquiries

  • During your stay at Sommersted CPH for sending email with practical information

  • For handling your payments


How do we protect your information?

Our website is continuously scanned for security vulnerabilities and weaknesses, in order to eliminate potential data leaks as quickly as possible, thus making our website as secure as possible. Similarly, malware is regularly scanned.


Your personal information is stored at a secured terminal handled by SIT AS and may only be accessed by a limited amount of employees with rights to this type of information. These are also subject to our internal personal data policy, which ensures your rights and ensures compliance with applicable legislation in the area.

In addition to the above, all sensitive and payment information is processed on encrypted servers that can not be accessed from the outside. Credit card information is processed by DIBS and can not be accessed by either Sommersted-CPH Aps, SIT AS or DIBS employees. These transactions are not stored on internal servers and are not processed by Sommersted-CPH Aps at any time.


Who do we pass personal information to?

Personal information given on or otherwise to Sommersted-CPH Aps is only disclosed to:

  • Internal departments

  • Trusted third parties required for compliance with delivery, payment and service agreements, including debt collection and judicial authorities

  • Information from CCC will only be shared with Police upon their request.

  • Tax authorities upon their request


Sommersted-CPH uses Google Analytics to collect visitor statistics and, in that regard, passes IP addresses to Google Analytics. The Google Analytics Privacy Policy is accepted by visiting Sommersted-CPH and can be found here:


Between Sommersted-CPH and each business partner and supplier, there is a data-processing agreement that will ensure the interests of users and customers at all times. These agreements may be displayed on request at any time.


Where are your personal data stored?

Your information is stored on servers in Denmark. Some personal data are administered by a third party (data processor) that stores personal data on Sommersted-CPH Aps behalf pursuant to this data policy and the applicable data protection laws.


If you ever want to unsubscribe from our newsletters, follow the instructions at the bottom of each email. However, if you have trouble signing out, our customer service can be contacted through the contact details below. During your stay at Sommersted CPH Aps, you will receive regular newsletters containing practical and / or material information that is relevant to your stay. This information is only provided by email.


If you unsubscribe from Sommersted-CPH Aps, all commitments you have given to us will be deleted. These can not be recreated, and at any time you want insight into what we have previously sent you, prior offers or the like, please note that these can not be recreated.


How long are your personal details stored?

In an active customer relationship, your data is stored for as long as necessary to allow us to service you and as long as legislation requires. Including accounting law. If your customer relationship is interrupted, your data will be stored in two years, depending on the nature of the data. Emails used for marketing will be deleted or retained automatically based on your behavior - If you do not open our marketing emails, your data will be deleted automatically after six months.


You can request insight or deletion of your data at any time. Other legislation, such as the Accounting and Money Laundering Act, keeps all transactional data, including. contact and company information for five years.


Data Leakage

In case of suspicion of data leakage Sommersted-CPH internal servers or external partners initiate a number of initiatives to ensure our customers and users the best possible.


This includes, among other things, coverage of the potential damage, communication to potentially affected customers and users, notification to the Data Inspectorate, and actions that will attempt to address the extent of the damage.


If we suspect data leakage from Sommersted-CPH or its external partners, all involved, including the user, will be informed within 72 hours. If you suspect your data is leaked from Sommersted-CPH, please contact us at any time.


Access to information

You can always change your account information and interest areas, including whether you want us to contact you in connection with offers on goods or services or unsubscribe.


You can find out what information, we have registered about you. If you wish to receive a copy of this information, please contact us at:


If you wish to delete all data, please contact us at:


Note! Once all data is deleted, these can not be recreated. Data required in accordance with legislation can not be deleted on request.



We are continuously reviewing our data processing processes. This policy is updated once a year.

Everyone who is covered by this policy receives annual notification via email when updated.


Contact, change and update of the personal data policy


Sommersted-CPH undertakes to continuously comply with the legislation's privacy requirements.


If you have questions or comments about our data policy or how we use your personal information, please contact our customer service.


If you ever want to unsubscribe from our newsletters, follow the instructions at the bottom of each email. However, if you have trouble signing out, our customer service can be contacted through the contact details below.


If you unsubscribe from Sommersted-CPH Aps, all commitments you have made to us will be deleted. These can not be recreated, and at any time you want insight into what we have previously sent you, prior offers or the like, please note that these can not be recreated.


Briefly about Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are used by virtually all websites. Cookies are linked to websites and are read exclusively by your browser.

These small text files make it possible for you to put in the shopping cart, log in and more. Cookies are thus used to make websites work.


Refusal of cookies

You can always reject cookies on your computer by changing the settings in your browser. Where to find the settings depends on which browser you are using. However, you should be aware that, if you reject cookies, there are many features and services that you can not use because they assume that site can remember the choices you make.


Deleting Cookies

If you want to delete or block cookies, most websites will most likely stop functioning, and thus the web will be more or less useless. In a large number of cases, you will also delete stored passwords and other features that only help improve the user experience.


Questions, complaints and more


If you have any comments or questions regarding our information and / or processing of personal information, please feel free to contact us at

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